Wednesday, 3 November 2010

DVD Review: Altitude

Starring: Jessica Lowndes, Julianna Guill, Ryan Donowho

Directed by: Kaare Andrews

Plot: After a minor malfunction on a small plane sends Sara , a rookie pilot, and her friends climbing out of control, they're faced with the unusual challenge of finding a way to descent to the ground, all while defeating the supernatural entity floating around them.

Your initial reaction after the trailer is an understandable 'cool, that could be interesting', a nod in the direction of the classic Twilight Zone series, but modernized in a way that it fits with today's audience. Sitting for a full ninety minutes with 90210's Jessica Lowndes and her dimwitted and frankly irritating group of plebs is one thing, watching them squabble incessantly is another, and the floating octopus flailing it's greasy tentacles throughout the troublesome clouds is the breaking point that leaves you admittedly baffled as to how you thought such a plot could work. Well, it may not pull it off as smoothly as those fantastically absorbing episodes of the 60's, but i can't grudge how surprisingly involved i found myself.

The set-up is traditional, pulling five teens together from all backgrounds that we're hilariously meant to believe all get on. Quickly, the predictability gets the best of it, with each member getting even more infuriated with the next but thankfully, the plentiful supply of high octane, out-of-plane challenges on display to send those with aviaphobia into a fit of inescapable terror, the rest of us will merely be entertained with how director Andrews managed to pull off said stunts with such a limited budget.

The acting may be wooden and the script even more painful to abide by, but an enthusiastic cast of characters and a strange, yet somewhat refreshing, turn of events does indeed set Altitude apart from the rest of this year's thrillers. The climax may piss some off, with the 'twist' opting for an easy escape but really, how can a film like this end logically? It well and truly can't. Sit back and enjoy the absurdity of it all.


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