Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Choose Your Scare: A Preview of Halloween's Flicks!

With the month that officially belongs to ghouls, goblins -- or, more relevantly, vampires and serial killers -- and all things that go bump in the night just around the corner, I take a peek at some of October's highly anticipated horror flicks. Astoundingly, it's one of the best months for films out of the entire year.

Hatchet II

Rising horror director Adam Green hammed it up to sheer perfection in 2006 with old school horror homage Hatchet, introducing the world to swamp dwelling, disfigured lunatic Victor Crowley (Kane Hodder). Starring a cast of young hopefuls (including Avatar's Joel Moore) and a script as witty and outright gory as anything released that year, it was only a matter of time before he helmed a sequel, and here we have it. Released October 1st Stateside (no news on the UK release as of yet) is Hatchet II, and to pump up your taste for gore even further is the fact that he's able to screen it across the US in its full unrated form - something which the first was unable to do due to the MPAA cracking down and unfairly rating it atrociously.

Recurring character Marybeth (Danielle Harris -- Rob Zombie's Halloween -- taking over the role) escapes the clutches of Crowley and heads back to safe land where she uncovers his past, then, predictably, returns back to the dreary wasteland with a band of sure-to-be victims to rid him once and for all.

My Soul to Take

With Scream IV currently in production, Wes Craven's long delayed post-converted (eurgh) 3D horror My Soul to Take has been scheduled an October 8th release date. Clearly having talent working alongside a cast of young'uns, the fairly unknown teenage cast may assist Craven in either his ticket to a year of high-flying success, or merely be a passing schlup serving as a starter to his real money maker out in April.

Max Thieriot (Chloe, Mission Without Permission) is one of the several teens born on the same night that the town's local serial killer was put to rest. Years later, unusual killings set off a strong of incoherently frightening circumstances, leaving the towns folk to believe that the murderous bandit was never laid to rest in the first place.

Saw 3D

This wouldn't be a countdown to October's splatterfest without the involvement of our regular visit from one of cinema's most reluctant serial killers. Please welcome the sixth sequel to 2004's acclaimed horror thriller, Saw 3D (or Saw 7), the so-called final act of one of horror's most biggest movie franchises.

Not much has to be said other than Jigsaw, somehow, influences another string of baffling murders, unleashing his vengeance once again on those unwilling to live life to its fullest. With the teased return of an original character (finally!) and the tying of all loose ends promised, it's hard not to fall excited with how this groundbreaking series will end.

Let Me In

Despite much controversy surrounding Cloverfield director Matt Reeves' remake of the Swedish masterpiece Let the Right One In -- based originally on John Ajvide Lindqvist's novel, the recent uproar in gloriously positive reviews have astounded even me, hyping it up to the most extreme proportions. Let Me In is released in the US October 1st and the UK November 5th.

Kodi Smit-McPhee (previously seen alongside Viggo Mortensen in The Road) stars as Owen, a bullied young boy whose sudden friendship with the mysterious new girl in the apartment block sparks a strong connection, even after the realization that Abby (Kick-Ass star Chloe Moretz) is in fact a vampire that craves human blood.

I Spit On Your Grave (2010)

You'd think Hollywood had truly run out of original ideas; next up we have the remake of 70's brutal, and originally banned, horror, I Spit On Your Grave. With a cult following ever since it's original release back in '78, the film has gained acclaim as one of the grittiest, most vengeful out of all the horror flicks released in the past few decades. Clearly those that pronounced the film "glorified violence against women" won't be interested in this modern re-telling, but, much like the remake of The Last House on the Left, it will undoubtedly find its audience.

Spending time in her quaint holiday cabin, writer Jennifer is interrupted once a group of local men brutally attack her, raping and leaving her for dead. Years later, she tracks down her attackers and seeks vengeance in the harshest of ways. *snip*

Chain Letter

While the trailers don't exactly do it justice, teen horror Chain Letter may just have enough to fulfil the quota for a fun, presumably corny splatterfest - with a hint of cheese, clearly. Released October 1st, the film will unarguably find it hard to compete against some of the others within the month, but with the ton of pre-adolescents gasping for a cheeky scare to sneak into on Halloween, this horror may just be their ticket to a partially frightful Hallow's Eve.

A sadistic man stalks and murders teens if they fail to forward a chain letter sent by email, text etc. Ehrm, yeah, that's all.

Paranormal Activity 2

Possibly the most anticipated sequel of the month is the follow up to 2009's (it was actually made in 2007, did you know?) smash hit creepfest Paranormal Activity, detailing once couple's descent into utter terror after an ominous presence makes himself known in truly chilling ways. One of the most profitable movies ever made, this low budget indie horror astounded, and terrified, audiences worldwide with director Oren Peli able to milk the maximum amount of tension available with such a small, modern setting. Will the sequel do the original justice? Head out on October 22nd to find out!

Not much has been released plot-wise, but going by the trailer, we haven't seen the back of Katie.

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