Saturday, 11 September 2010

Movie News: Trailer for Eastwood's Hereafter

I'll be the millionth to admit that acclaimed director Clint Eastwood's surprising turn to develop Hereafter, a supernatural thriller, into his next epic was entirely unexpected. Still, with the surfacing of the trailer for said eerie pulse-pounder, i couldn't feel more gratuitous towards the man.

Matt Damon stars as George, a man whose intriguing connection to the afterlife will cross his paths with three unfortunate hopefuls that find themselves struggling with the upsetting circumstances that have befell upon them. Each life will be changed with what they believe might lay in the hereafter.

Clearly heartfelt and inevitably powerful, Damon and Eastwood's pairing may test the Oscars once and for all, allowing for something different to walk away with something special.

The film has been given an official release date of October 22nd.

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