Friday, 23 July 2010

Cinema Review: Inception

Christopher Nolan, a man renowned for his unique storytelling, follows up his Box Office smash The Dark Knight with one of the most anticipated films of 2010, Inception. A noticeable withdrawel of any sense of predictability is blatant from the trailer alone, yet the inevitable outcome of his latest blockbuster was spoken with extreme caution - were we expecting too much?

Leonardo DiCaprio plays Cobb, a skilled thief who earns his living by entering the subconscious of a person's mind and steals valuable secrets as they remain in a dream state. In a year where such technology exists, said mission(s) have caused Cobb to lose all of those close to him. Still, when a business proposition crops up promising him his original life back, Cobb enlists the help of a few other professionals to pull of the impossible-inception; planting an idea, rather than stealing one.

Fortunately for fans, Nolan's work hardly falls in the 'inconsequential' catagory. By straying from the paths which most often follow, Inception stands firm as a truly original idea which, thanks to Nolan's sharp and intelligent writing, is incredibly refreshing. With a style as broad and individual as his, it's all the more surprising when, by adding multiple elements, he first-handedly blurs the lines of his normal target audience, as well as opening the doors to those who've possibly never seen his previous work -- if you haven't, buy his 2000 feature Memento instantly after reading this.

Shrouded with deep intellect and uncommonly enticing, his story contains an unimaginable amount of continuously-developed layers, all of which provide an extensive peak into the Dream world in which he has created. Forcefully dragging the audience further and further (down the rabbit hole, if you will), the story fully envelopes you, twisting your mind with a magnitude of unanswered questions and, due to the brilliantly intense climax, throws you back with an almighty force. Nolan's particular style of fast-paced, always mind-blowing, action fused with a story that maintains the ability to captivate, whilst surprisingly moving, makes for essential viewing.

Ironically aiding the dream-like setting are the dream-like cast of characters, all of which are played by A-listers who actually can act. DiCaprio exudes enough enthusiasm for the role, with his love/hate relationship towards his potentially dangerous ex-wife Marion Cotillard proving deeply heartfelt throughout. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Page also shine, especially as Page has truly never starred in a film much like Inception, but proves with every role she participates in that she is more than ready to handle such heavy 'equipment'.

With copious amounts of scenes that become increasingly more jaw-dropping as the film progresses, Inception contains enough to entertain most audiences. Action junkies will be floored with the array of scenes nearing the end, but whatever you're into, Nolan has created a masterpiece that will stand as one of the most explosive, immersive and downright original films that will be released in years. An unarguable work of art, showcasing Nolan's individualistic behaviour towards film.


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