Monday, 19 July 2010

Movie News: Poster & Clip For Monsters

A clear wink in the direction of last year's District 9, the poster for the next big budget monster flick Monsters has surfaced this week. Undoubtedly brilliant, stirring enough buzz in my mind to allow myself to search for a possible trailer.

Said trailer doesn't exist as of yet, but below you will find a clip of the film which featured earlier this year at SXSW. Intense and somewhat surprising, this is definitely a film to look out for.

Six years ago a NASA probe crash landed in the New Mexico desert containing samples of alien life. Growing at an alarming rate, the samples expanded and how inhabit the southern US and the north of Mexico. Now, a US journalist agrees to escort an American tourist back through the no-man's land to safety. Will all go smoothly?

A release date for Monsters hasn't been announced.

UPDATE: BBFC have recently given Monsters a UK release date of November 1st, and is rated 12A.

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