Thursday, 22 July 2010

Movie News: Teaser For Saw 3D

"All true geniuses always save their best for last..."

Jigsaw returns October 22nd in his latest, and final, outing, pitting another group of unlucky souls against an array of his incredibly creative traps, with an inevitably gory outcome to please fans of the seemingly never-ending franchise.

The seventh outcome follows a group of Jigsaw's survivors as they seek the support of a self-help guru, with fellow survivor Bobby Dagen setting off a rippling effect of misery as his very own dark secrets are unleashed.

Fighting at the Box Office with fellow sequel Paranormal Activity 2, will Saw 3D -- the sixth sequel in the series -- rise on top? A sad decline in numbers with Saw VI may see PA2 rise, but a possible advantage is given to Saw 3D as it closes the series. We all want to see Dr. Gordon return, right? S**t, it's what we've wanted since the first god-damn film!

Saw VI director Keven Greutert will direct the final film, with Tobin Bell somehow reprising his role as the inexplicable 'saviour' Jigsaw. Due to Saw VI surprisingly resurrecting the series after the abysmal fifth entry, high hopes are abound with Greutert helming the project.

This is Saw, therefore expect an explosive, unpredictable, gory last act.

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