Thursday, 19 August 2010

Movie News: Lionsgate Pimp Out Last Exorcism

With the US release just around the corner, The Last Exorcism - Lionsgate's latest horror flick - has been honored with early reviews, therefore the studio are undoubtedly pimping it out as much as possible, with all intentions of creating enough buzz before they start with the Saw 3D campaign.

Below is a collection of moments from *ahem* porn website *ahem*, i mean chat site Chat Roulette, with a couple of young lads being scared half to death due to Lionsgate's fantastically creepy viral videos. All they wanted to see was a cheeky slip!

In the film, a troubled minister allows his last exorcism be filmed by a documentary crew, unaware of the severity of the situation.

The film is released in the US August 27th, and September 3rd for the UK.

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