Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Weekly Round-Up, August 23rd

I continued my string of Disney flicks with the 1992 feature Aladdin, another one of my all-time favourites with "A Whole New World" proving very popular in my long list of uplifting Disney songs. We follow 'street rat' Aladdin as he survives on the streets of Agrabah with his pet monkey Abu. Once a chance encounter with Princess Jasmine captures his attention, he must defeat the evil Jafar with the helpful, zany Genie (Robin Williams) by his side.

Another classic with the Disney telling of J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up. Wendy and her two siblings John and Michael are swept off to a wonderful land known as Neverland, surviving mermaids, Indians and Captain Hook, the devilish pirate whose personal vendetta against Peter often gets the best of him.

One of this year's most anticipated films Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World was welcomed with open arms by myself, proving to be one of the most original, fantastically funny and gloriously well-made (Edgar Wright, the genius, is to blame!) action romp. Read my full review here!

(500) Days of Summer, my favourite film of 2009. With the likes of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel gracing the screen, what isn't to like? Marc Webb's original, and blatantly realistic, view of relationships was a breathe of fresh air, written and directed with such care and enthusiasm for both the story and the characters. A must see!

Heading back to Neverland, it was only fitting to throw Peter Pan: Return to Neverland on to maintain the Disney-ness of the week. Amidst a war-torn London, Wendy's disbelieving daughter Jane is kidnapped by Hook himself and used as bait to lure in Pan. One of the better Disney sequels.

Taking a swift turn from child-safe fairytales to espionage thrillers, Angelina Jolie's Salt graced the screens this week. Accused of being a Russian spy, Evelyn Salt is thrown on a whirlwind of uncertainty as she attempts to uncover who/what is heading to murder the President. Read my full review here!

Yes, we've finally come to it. Truly, my all-time favourite Disney animation, Beauty and the Beast. The wonderfully heartfelt story of falling in love no matter what obstacles are in the way. Belle, a small town girl with an imagination as wild as the fictional fairytales she loves so much, is trapped inside a cursed mansion with a former Prince. Cursed upon by a witch, the selfish Prince was transformed into a hideous beast, along with every other body living in the castle. To break the curse, Belle must fall in love with the Beast. One of the most memorable soundtracks, fused with a genuinely heartwarming tale.

All summer we've been thrown dragons, airbending monks and talking animals in 3D. This time, embrace the sheer awesomeness of PIRANHA 3D. Clearly a nod to the trashy, B-movies featured back in the 70's, Alexandre Aja's remake is full of gratuitous nudity and over-the-top gore. Read my full review here!

Steve Guttenberg and Kirsten Dunst team in Disney's Original Movie, Tower of Terror, giving a slight backstory to the fantastic ride featured in Walt Disney World, Orlando. A thrilling romp for the kids, but adults may wish to turn off their brains to enable any sort of enjoyment.

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