Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Weekly Round-Up, August 30th

Life as a House graced my TV screen this week as Kevin Kline stars alongside Kristin Scott Thomas and Hayden Christensen as a terminally ill man whose swift change of lifestyle choices enables him to build his dream house as well as repair the broken bond between his son. A poignant, funny drama, with fantastic performances from Kline and Scott Thomas.

Toni Collette and Cameron Diaz star in the definitive chick flick, In Her Shoes. After a potentially life-altering row between sisters sets the inseparable two apart, Diaz's Maggie, a care-free girl, heads to see her Grandmother as Collette's Rose, the uptight lawyer, quits her job and goes with the flow. Curtis Hanson's wonderfully written romantic drama could have fallen within the rest of the clich├ęd bunch, but the performances sets the bar a tremendous amount higher.

Unarguably hated by critics, Primeval Kill (previously titled Primeval) received an ill-conceived trailer, therefore setting viewers up for a murder mystery set in the war-ravaged jungles of Burundi. Little did they know that the film was in fact a story based upon Burundi's most notorious serial killer; Gustave, the crocodile. Infamous for his long list of victims, the 25-foot crocodile intrigues a news crew from the city, therefore sending them on a gory, but wild, goose chase. The story fuses fictional horror and horror based on fact, therefore i regard it as an enjoyably thrilling 80 minutes, despite the dodgy CGI.

Steve Carell and Paul Rudd team up once again in Dinner for Schmucks, Jay Roach's (Meet the Parents, Meet the Fockers) latest comedy. Rising executive Tim must befriend a 'schmuck' to take to his boss' dinner, an annual shindig where everybody invites an idiot to make fun of. Coincidentally, Tim meets mice lover Barry (Carell), a down-on-his-luck but hilariously troublesome IRS employee. While i'd hardly call it laugh-out-loud material, it's an easy comedy to pass 90 minutes, with Carell and Rudd working fantastically together to form a sweet brotherly love.

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