Thursday, 20 May 2010

Movie News: Over 3D?

So, did anybody catch the remake of Clash of the Titans? Ya'know, Avatar's Sam Worthington donning a toga, running around the desert slicing 'n' dicing every creature and unknown presence imaginable - all in 'eye-popping' 3D. Sadly, the film was converted during post-production and, therefore, was rightfully criticised. Genuinely one of the most pointless things i've ever had the chance to come across - and, for most, a hefty amount of money out of the pocket to pay for such a ridiculously ineffective fad.

I'm not under a false state of mind, i understand Rogue Pictures are undoubtedly money-craving and wish for Wes Craven's My Soul to Take to rival the latest Saw sequel which is also in 3D, the difference being that it's been filmed in 3D. Still, by converting the horror flick, they're almost shrouding the entire film in an entirely disappointing sheet. People will want the 3D; people will criticise the actual film if the 3D is ineffective.

Guaranteed Wes Craven has thrown a bitch-fit at the Rogue Pictures execs. Chairs flailing and everything! Good on him.

Reports from Cannes are also informing all of us unfortunate to not be there that cult classic Battle Royale is also receiving the 3D conversion treatment.

I'm not entirely against 3D. When it's used well, How to Train Your Dragon for instance, it's brilliant. Providing an availability for the audience to fully immerse themselves within the world on-screen. But when it's used purely for cash-in tactics, you're fuelled with hatred towards it.

My Soul to Take, directed by horror-meister Wes Craven, focuses on a serial killer hellbent on returning to murder the seven children which were born the night he died. 16 years later, the children begin disappearing...

If they decide to convert Scream IV, there will be hell.

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