Thursday, 6 May 2010

Starting Up.

Having never created a blog before, my first post will purely explain my purposes of creating 'Great Expectations', my hopeful plans for the blog and what exactly i shall be posting regularly.

1) I've recently been given multiple chances to write reviews and various other articles about the subject in the last few months which i can say full-heartedly i've appreciated. By doing so, i've gained a lot of confidence in myself and my writing. I figured a blog would give me my own chances.

2) I hope, like many other bloggers, to get my name out 'there'. Writing as many reviews as possible and expressing my own opinion, but also informing readers - if there's any - of the film itself.

3) The vast majority of posts on this blog will be film reviews. They will differ from time-to-time from fully-fleshed out reviews, to mini, straight to the point reviews. The mini reviews will most probably be the DVDs i re-watch at home.
I will also be submitting news articles on the latest film news which interests me. These will range from a single sentence to a page-long article.

I realise this first post is incredibly dry, i just wanted to get my point across before i delved into the fun side of things.

Well, enjoy my movie-related ramblings!

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  1. U are cute:D
    Good luck with everything out there :)