Wednesday, 19 May 2010

This Week's DVD/Blu-ray Choice - 17th May

This Monday saw the release of a vast majority of DVD/Blu-ray releases, and surprising find it hard to recommend just one.

My joint-three (I know, indecisive much?) are:
-Sherlock Holmes
-The Road
-The Boys Are Back

All three are fairly different. With Robert Downey, Jr donning the detective attire, along with his handy sidekick Jude Law, Sherlock Holmes was undoubtedly one of the most thrilling, and all-round entertaining last-entries of 2009. With a quirky, well-written script behind the film and Guy Ritchie taking the director's stand, it was clear it'd be a high-flying success. A blu-ray purchase is recommended.

The Road, however, takes an enormously different route. Adapted from the acclaimed novel by Cormac McCarthy, this depressing tale of a father and his son surviving a post-apocalyptic world is immersive viewing. With Viggo, 'Aragorn', Mortensen carrying the film with his faux-son Kodi Smit-McPhee (boasting his incredible talent, look out for this one!). Another blu-ray recommendation, if only for the brilliantly harsh world which is portrayed on-screen.

Lastly, Clive Owen, a man i can't say i was a fan of before the film, stars as widower Joe Warr in The Boys Are Back. Based on a true story, we follow a man and his troubles of bringing up his charismatic son after the death of his wife. Incredibly heartfelt and beautifully directed, highlighting the bonds between child and parent. Sadly a blu-ray isn't available in the UK, but if possible, import it from the States. The cinematography of the Australian outback is astoundingly stunning! If not, the DVD is going cheap.

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