Sunday, 30 May 2010

This Week's DVD/Blu-ray Choice - 31st May

Only a dribble of releases this coming Monday to choose from, both of which are mere time-wasters.

My choice this week is Daybreakers.

Ethan Hawke stars in the latest in the string of vampire-related action flicks, this time spinning it on it's axis and enabling the vampires to have the title role. In the year 2019, the world is overrun by vampires living their every day, albeit vastly changed, life. The uproar in the lack of blood has sent most citizens into a craze, most even turning into a Nosferatu-like demon of the night. Still, researcher Edward Dalton (Hawke) vows to create a supplement, and possible antidote to change everybody back from vampire to human. Dalton teams up with a rag-tag group of hunted humans, endangering both himself and some of the last remaining sources of blood on the planet.
A Blu-ray purchase may be needed to enhance the more action-orientated scenes, but frankly it's not needed.

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