Thursday, 17 June 2010

Film Of The Week, 17th June

The partnership between Mandate Pictures and filmmakers Sam Raimi (Evil Dead, Drag Me To Hell) and Rob Tapert culminated in the creation of Ghosthouse Underground, the label formed primarily to financing, developing and releasing films of the horror-thriller genre. Some have been a success (The Grudge, The Messengers, 30 Days of Night), some have not.

Yearly, the company released a series of straight-to-DVD features (much like After Dark's Horrorfest), and this week's film of the week is one of those featured in the second batch in 2008, Dance of the Dead.

The teen horror-comedy focuses on a group of high school losers unmatched for prom, fighting off the horde of zombies heading for Cosa High with all intentions of munching on the unsuspecting teens. The usual tendencies of prom are thwarted; worrying about dates, showing off dresses, traveling in limousines. This group of socially awkward teens have something far more sinister - and let's face it, a hell of a lot more fun - to deal with.

Positive -
The opening scene, accompanied by the sincerely OTT titles, sets the tone of the film entirely. It really couldn't be more in your face, which i admire. The potentially unknown cast all deliver fun, albeit cheesy, performances, and it's, without a doubt, extremely well-written -- the countless cross-out gags are both cringe-worthy and downright hilarious!

Negative -
The plot isn't all that original. It's been done many times before before -- and possibly done better, Shaun of the Dead for instance.

Other opinions...

"Has cult classic written all over it" - Aint It Cool News

"Makes Carrie look like Pretty In Pink" -

"Easily the funniest zombie flick this year" - Dean Boor, Gorezone Magazine

Check below for a trailer for the flick!

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