Monday, 28 June 2010

This Week's DVD/Blu-ray Choice, 28th June

An above-average week for rather poignant dramas, with my choice somewhat undecided between two. I shan't, however, succumb to Peter Jackson's rendition of Alice Sebold's novel The Lovely Bones, therefore sticking with an upsettingly under-publicised film.

My choice this week is Everybody's Fine.

Nanny McPhee director Kirk Jones helms the remake of the Italian original, Stanno tutti bene, with veteran Robert De Niro taking the lead role of the retired and sadly widowed Frank, an estranged father of four whose attempt at reconnecting with his children is foiled by their lack of involvement and enthusiasm to spend time with him. The spontaneous roadtrip leads Frank around the country in all hope to reuinte the family for a classic Christmas. The film was unfortunately criticised by many, but i couldn't help but fall in love with Robert De Niro. Conveying a multitude of varied emotions, an instantly relatable character makes the entire film worthwhile. It remains consistently well-written; witty and incredibly moving, with a perfect ensemble of co-stars ranging from Drew Barrymore to Sam Rockwell. A DVD purchase is fine, just make sure to buy a box of Kleenex on the way back from the store.

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