Sunday, 13 June 2010

Movie News: Disney Pushing Oz Re-Imagining

The role, recently offered to Sam Mendes and Guillermo Del Toro, of director to Disney's next sure-fire hit re-imagining The Wizard of Oz is clearly something they wish to sort out with a quickened pace. Throwing it at everyone, and anyone, with a partial public following, their next go-to guy is Evil Dead director Sam Raimi.

With his Spider-Man franchise been given an entirely new reboot, and the series of World of Warcraft flicks a few years away from beginning production, Raimi is free. But will he accept? My bet is he wont.

Disney's clear urge to plant Oz, The Great and Powerful on somebody this year leaves speculation on whether there's room for any personal input.

The film is rumored to be at the telling-point of the Wizard, and his own personal adventures of traveling to the mystical land of Oz.

Robert Downey Jr has supposedly been asked to star as the title role, but with Sherlock Holmes 2 and a cavalcade of other projects being greenlit, it's entirely uncertifiable if he'll be able to fit Oz in this year.

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