Thursday, 17 June 2010

Movie News: Praise For Toy Story 3

The highly anticipated sequel to Pixar's explosively popular animated franchise Toy Story isn't released in the UK until July 23rd (a ridiculously unfair release date), but US fans will only have to wait a couple of hours.

Reviews all day for Toy Story 3 have been popping up all over the net, so it's only natural for those who are excited for the film to read them. If you weren't excited before, the praise given to the latest adventure belonging to Woody, Buzz and co. is sure to send you through the roof. It's rare for a sequel to live up to the standards of it's original, but a second sequel is just mindblowing. Pixar are undoubtedly on top form, so it's no surprise that they have maintained such originality, all-the-while containing the same invigorating, always heartwarming, essence which the original two were so rapidly coarsing with.

Now 17 years old, Andy has no use for the toys which defined his childhood. Woody, Buzz, Rex, Slinky and co remain in fear of being ditched by their owner. The fear becomes a reality however when they're mistakingly dumped at a day-care centre. There, untamed pre-adolescents and their grimy mits taint the idyllic experience, therefore the toys are left to team with their newly-befriended toys (Barbie's counterpart Ken, hedgehog Mr. Pricklepants and a scented teddy bear called Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear) to plan their great escape.

Two of the UK's top movie magazines Empire and Total Film have released their glorifying five-star reviews which has secured Toy Story 3 at the peak of 2010's Must See Movies.

"Funny, affecting and dramatically fearless...", conveys Total Film in a fit of sheer astonishment.

"The resulting caper is, like its predecessor, a paragon of good sequel-making", exclaims Empire's Dan Jolin.

The film was, from the get-go, destined for Box Office success, but whether it would be a successful, and admirable, sequel to one of the biggest franchises of all-time was left unknown until today. Fans of the lovable toys can rest in piece knowing their favourite characters have received a superior 'demise', with the series bowing out (possibly) with a satisfying end.

Below is a clip of the film where our group meets the dashing Ken.

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