Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Movie News: Teaser For Paranormal Activity 2

What a treat! Paramount promised a teaser for the sequel to Oren Peli's low-budget smash hit Paranormal Activity before this weekend's opening of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, and they actually went through with it. Below you will find the creepy, albeit confusing, teaser for Paranormal Activity 2 which, thankfully, stars it's previous star Katie Featherston as she reprises her role - but for how long?

The synopsis for the sequel has been kept under-wraps -- something which is dreadfully uncommon in Hollywood nowadays. It's blatantly obvious the mystery shrouding the teaser is successful, leading myself to watching it multiple times in hope of cracking some sort of hidden code.

The film is directed by Tod Williams, and has an official US release date of October 22nd, pitting it against 3D sequel Saw VII.

HINT: Look out for the last shot involving the baby absent from his crib, yet is curiously standing in it in the mirror. Have we cracked a possible twist?

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