Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Movie News: Trailer For The Reef

"Pray That You Drown First".

Andrew Traucki, the director of Aussie croc horror Black Water, returns to the creature-infested waters with The Reef.

Just like Black Water, Traucki doesn't even contemplate using CG effects or animatronics - he goes all-out with the real deal. The Reef, trading in crocs for sharks, is his latest in boasting his rather unique approach to psychological horrors - which, as seen from his previous feature, works tremendously well.

A group of friends head out on a seemingly innocent boat trip around the Great Barrier Reef. Unfortunately for them, their boat capsizes leaving them stranded in the deep unknown. Soon, a deadly presence makes itself clear; a great white shark.

Below you will find the newly released theatrical trailer for the horror, featuring an undeniable Open Water-esque vibe (but with actors who can, you know...act!). The film has yet to receive a scheduled release.

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