Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Movie News: The Thing Prequel Hitting April, '11

Horror fans will be applauding the news of Universal's prequel to The Thing - a film which was successfully remade by John Carpenter in 1982 - receiving a very early April 29th, 2011 release date.

The film, helmed by Dutch director Matthijis van Heijningen Jr, has been shooting up in Toronto for the last few months, leaving pure suspicion on how the film will be wrapped up so quickly come April of next year. Still, this bold move will please fans of Carpenter's undoubtedly gruesome remake (which was brilliant!).

At an Antarctic research site, Kate Lloyd (Final Destination 3's Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and scientist Dr. Sander Halvorson (Ulrich Thomson) fued over a suspicious craft which has crash landed in the desolate landscape. Going against his wishes, Kate teams with helicopter pilot Sam Carter (Joel Edgerton) to pursue the life form which resides in the craft.

I, like many fans, will be praying that this decision regarding a hasty release date hasn't screwed up the film's capabilities of surpassing it's predecessor.


  1. I would love to feel as optimistic as you about this but that flimsy story, cast and rushed release date don't fill me with confidence. Potentially a disaster in the making I'm afraid.

  2. I'm always optimistic, but deep down i know the inevitable fate which looms over it. The casting hasn't particularly put me at ease either.