Friday, 25 June 2010

This Week's UK Cinema Releases, 25th June

-We begin the week with the wonderful Kristen Bell taking a crack at a romcom in When In Rome. Beth (Bell), an uptight New Yorker, travels to Rome for her sister's wedding and inadvertently begins an adventure of odd proportions when she thieves coins from the fountain of love, attracting the attention of those who threw the coins. This, unfortunately, tempers with her new-found relationship with Nick (Josh Duhamel), a charming ex-football player.

-Jigsaw receives competition by a nondescript foe in the form of The Collector. A man struggling under the weight of unpaid debts resorts to breaking into his rich employer's home, unaware that somebody has already set up camp in the deserted country house. With an array of gruesome traps set up around the house, be prepared for a less-than-settling 100 minutes.

-Francis Ford Coppola returns to the screens with Tetro, centering around a man in search of his distant brother and uncovering his almost-finished play which gives an intriguing insight into the brothers' past.

-Woody Allen also returns with Whatever Works, with Curb Your Enthusiasm star Larry David. David stars as Boris, a self-proclaimed idealist who tends to project his personal views of religion and relationships on others, particularly Mississippi runaway Melody (Evan Rachel Wood). Producing an unlikely marriage, Melody's parents and family friends are less than impressed with the relationship between the duo.

-The final chapter of the adventures of the lovable ogre, Shrek Forever After, also hits this weekend with special advance screenings. The now-married, now-fathered, Shrek isn't happy with his life. His days are drawn out with satisfying his demanding family and the residents of Far Far Away, therefore missing his solo days when everybody and everything were terrified of him. Signing one of Rumplestiltskin's infamous contracts, his unwillingly signs away the day he was born to relive his glory days, awaking to no children, no friends and Fiona; an unloved warrior princess leading the resistance against Rumple and his band of sour-faced witches. Read my review for the final chapter here.

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